From concept to completion

We can create the website or application you need. Proficient in JQuery, Ajax, PHP, Ecommerce, Social Networking, Mysql, and Smartphone applications we will create custom web applications that can increase usability and sales. Integrate a blog, contact list management, dynamic image gallery, or any of our custom widgets into your current website or create a dynamic website using all of our custom widgets and applications.

Technical Skills

  • PHP / MySQL 10 years

  • xHTML / CSS 13 years

  • Javascript / JQuery 6 years

  • Custom Widgets 5 years

  • Dynamic Image Galleries 5 years

  • Contact List Management 4 years

  • Smartphone Applications 2 years

  • Social Network Applications 3 years

  • Google API 5 years

Current Projects

Full project archive coming soon... - Blog, Resume and R&D

I am currently re-designing my portfolio site

The majority of work I have done in the past 8 years involves enterprise level companies requiring an admin back-end and a custom CMS. Unable to link to the admin sections of these websites the script section on will have much of the custom functions I have built for these companies and custom widgets I have built for other sites.

Custom Scripts

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PHP Class Autoloader 02/02/2012


Classes are a way to keep code in one central place so you don't have to change multiple files when you have an update. While some pages may use a certain class not all pages would require loading that same class. You can either load all classes your site requires even if the current content has a need for it, or include classes if the page requires (this can get messy at times) or you can use PHP's Autoloader.
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JQuery Tabs Reloaded 02/03/2012

PHP / MySQL • Javascript / JQuery

I recently ran into a problem implementing JQuery Tabs on a website. When using Jquery Tabs the content of all the tabs are loaded when the page loads. I needed to be able to load the content when the link is clicked, every time the link is clicked.
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JQuery Image Rollover 02/06/2012

PHP / MySQL • Javascript / JQuery • Javascript / JQuery

Using the JQuery hover function I created an image rollover script that will preload your rollover images and create a seamless image rollover.
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